Miracle Tree's Moringa Mint Iced Tea

While we know there are a lot of people who love our hot teas, did you know that you can also use our moringa to prepare a delicious iced tea (with little to no sugar)?  We have a delightful and refreshing moringa mint iced tea with lemon juice and agave syrup!  This is a great way to cool down and enjoy our organic moringa!


    • 2 cups filtered water
    • 2 teaspoons Miracle Tree Moringa Powder
    • 2 cups crushed ice
    • 1 lime sliced
    • 1 handful of mint
    • (Optional) 1 tsp. low sugar agave syrup


    1. Using a large jar with a non-leaky lid (or a cocktail shaker) shake together the water and Moringa powder until there are no lumps and the powder is mixed in with the water.
    2. Add crushed ice, lime juice (squeeze the lime), the mint and shake again.
    3. Pour into glasses and add extra lime slices or mint as desired.
        February 17, 2016


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