We’re on a mission to spread the miracle of Moringa and our other superfoods globally – join us!

Who is Miracle Tree?

The simple answer is that we are a family-owned and award-winning superfood brand distributed in over 33 countries and thousands of retail locations.  Our brand is one of the largest specialty tea brands focused on distributing superfood teas and other related herbal products throughout food-service, grocery stores, tea and coffee shops, mass merchandisers, club stores, natural foods stores, mail order and the Internet.

Excitingly, we have 3 major product lines:

The not-so-simple answer?  We're a brand driven by our values. Since 2013, we have delivered the highest quality superfood herbal teas and powders -- all with a special focus exceptional nutrition quality.  We are driven by our commitment to our customer's well-being and our commitment to our farming and supply community.  Most importantly, our brand's values are the driving principles that keep us motivated and get us through the daily challenges we face as a small business!  It’s also what drives us to serve our communities, our customers, and our customers.

woman enjoying moringa tea

We are driven by our customer’s well-being.

With every choice we make, we ask a simple question – is this best for our customer? This approach is the reason why we lead the way in pioneering moringa production and cultivation techniques.  It is also the reason why we promote healthy lifestyle and organic choices for our customers across our products and ingredients. Our customer’s health and well-being is a top priority.  In the past few years, Miracle Tree expanded its superfood focus from Moringa to include other nutritionally impressive superfoods including Cacao, Maca, Camu Camu, Lucuma, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and more!  This new shift reflects our commitment to delivering the most exciting superfood ingredients to our customers and clients.

Learn about all of our superfoods here.

We are end-to-end.

Our main strength is our people, a blend of experience and youth, with one trait in common – a passion for superfoods and tea. We believe that our experience and expertise in tea is bettered by none and being close to the source allows us to have a meaningful impact on our communities and supply chain.  Our supply chain is certified organic by the Control Union (for both USDA NOP and EU Organic standards).  Furthermore, our supply chain is also certified GMP, ISO, and HCAAP.

All our employees, starting with the farm and factory laborers, all the way up to our senior most executive, are stakeholders in our company, thereby enabling accountability, passion and creativeness. Having our single-source plantations in Sri Lanka (and working directly with single-source farms in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa) has given us an edge over other superfood companies by the way of fresh, pure herbal teas and superfoods that are produced under stringent quality standards in our own factories.

It also gives us the opportunity to deal directly with buyers thus offering them the best prices and value for our customers and a complete control over our supply chain.  We know exactly what is going into our products and test for heavy metals and pesticides to ensure the highest quality possible.  It also allows us to have a direct and meaningful impact on our farming communities.

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