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Miracle Tree's products are about organic and sustainable sourcing.  Our direct sourcing ensures this.

At Miracle Tree, we are proud to have an unwavering commitment to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and production.  This sourcing ethos is the key in achieving our mission to help inspire healthier choices for our consumers by promoting exceptional superfoods. Our top production priority is to protect and maintain the integrity of the food, preserve ecological harmony and promote biodiversity.

Organic Matters.

Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. No chemicals, no additives, no chemicals. No complicated chemical names and compounds. Just high quality organic Moringa.

Organic foods often taste better because they are truer to the natural state of the agricultural product. Our bodies absorb and retain the nutrients of certified organic products. Their production offers a wide variety of benefits for us, as well as for the environment, through the use of earth-friendly agricultural practices. Why chose organic? Organic foods are richer in nutrients derived from the healthy soil in which they are grown. Conversely, conventionally farmed foods are sprayed with pesticides that disrupt the soil’s natural balance. Organic farming replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic pesticides reducing the chances of your food containing harmful chemicals, while simultaneously promoting ecological well-being. Reducing the use of toxic chemicals will help prevent the pollution of our soil, air, water and food supply.

We proudly can say that all of our products are free from genetic modifications and organic certified.

Miracle Tree Organic Tea
Sustainable Moringa Teas

Sustainability Matters.

We see sustainability in two forms - our impact on the environment and our impact on our community. Environmental responsibility and the fair treatment of our workers is the core guiding principle behind Miracle Tree as we outlined in our mission and key values.

Because our teas are not mass-grown, but are nurtured, cultivated and hand processed by tea artisans, it is possible for us to offer the finest grades of unique and special harvests that protect the body and pamper the senses. Sustainable practices such as those implemented by organic agriculture will enable the next generation of tea lovers to enjoy natural, true-tasting tea. 

For our community, we believe in creating and supporting programs that benefit farmers and workers for all of our overseas partners. It is our aim to incorporate third-party certification into the entire line of Miracle Tree products and to achieve B-Corp verification. However, even with products that are not officially certified, we build direct relationships with our farming partners to ensure quality and consistency of products, the fair treatment of workers, better working and living conditions, and an overall improved quality of life for families and communities.  Since our launch, we have made it a priority to source exclusively from suppliers who ethically support their workers.

Clean Sourcing Matters.

Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. 

How? Because we know precisely what is going into our products and test rigorously on an ongoing basis.  Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.  This access allow us to efficiently promote our products without compromise at fair prices. At the same time, we maintain strict standards of quality and food safety, with third party lab testing for heavy metals and pesticides with every batch we produce.  We also work to ensure that we only pick the most quality moringa leaf leveraging camera sensors and advanced technologies in our production and factory.  Lastly, we also ensure that our production facilities are regularly audited and certified through third parties across U.S., E.U., and International regulations.

Clean Label Moringa Tea


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