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Tips to Develop and Sustain Healthy Habits for the New Year

This past year the pandemic has slowed everything down. It has given us time, among other things, to re-think, introspect and reflect on how we, as a society, have contributed to its existence in the first place. More than anything, this pause has forced us to pay attention to our wellbeing and health,. It has reminded us how important it is to take care of our bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The focus has shifted from toning and shaping our bodies to boosting our immunity and the related foods, medicines, and supplements that can facilitate the process. With the new year being just around the corner, healthy goals are on everyone's list of resolutions. The new year is a new opportunity for healthy habits to start and develop. Hence, we have curated a list of ways you can develop and maintain healthy habits for 2021. 

Make a plan

It’s always easier to follow something if it is laid out in front of you, so planning and sticking to it is the easiest first step in the process of starting healthy habits. Make a plan that includes small, reasonable goals and specific actions you’ll take to move towards them. Get friends and loved ones involved. Invite them to join you, support you and help you stay on track. Wherever possible, make a healthy choice and eliminate distractions that might deter you from your goal. 

Start with cognitive goals

Most of us think of a “healthy” lifestyle or healthy habits to start the new year as something physical. It's easier said than done to wake up tomorrow and go for a run after not having worked out for a while. Hence, it is always more logical to begin the process by preparing your mind. You can begin this resolution by gathering information, thinking about your options, considering the benefits of change versus staying the same and mapping out how you might best integrate new healthy behaviors into your life. In due course of time, the cognitive action will enable you to ease into actual physical behaviors.

Shift your focus to the long-term 

Short-term solutions are designed to jumpstart healthy living and produce rapid results. But they're often not feasible for the long haul. The key to being successful in completing your resolutions requires you to create sustainable change. Consider behaviors you can adopt that you will be more likely to stick with over time. This way, your efforts won't be lost and you will feel the true benefits of change.

Be accountable to yourself 

There is no one more powerful than yourself to hold you accountable. Rather than relying only on others, set up a system whereby you regularly track your own progress, ask yourself what helped you succeed versus what might have caused you to get off track. Reward yourself when things go well but don't beat yourself up when they don't. As time goes on, you will notice patterns of what hampers your progress and what needs to be in place for you to make healthy choices and sustain your “healthy habits to start” resolution.

Reward yourself

As with attempting to achieve any other goal, it is helpful to reward yourself after you have completed one small target for the day or month. By rewarding yourself for the first few steps, the habits get organically ingrained in your new lifestyle. The rewards you give yourself are a personal choice, and you probably know what would be the best incentive for your own success. 

Be Patient 

It is important to remember that change is a process. You have to keep moving forward and eventually you will achieve your ultimate goal. A healthy lifestyle is not a destination, but rather a journey. You need to stick to the habits you have created for yourself in order to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you don't witness visible changes in your body, don’t stress yourself and instead be patient ant consistent. Focusing on the habit and not the result is a healthy habit to start the new year and keep you on track towards your goals.

Do at least 10 minutes of any physical activity everyday

A great way to begin developing healthy habits to start the new year and a healthier lifestyle is by incorporating at least 10 minutes of physical activity and movement into your schedule every day. The activity can be of your choice to help you stay motivated and have fun. The idea is to get some movement in for your body to stay agile and your mind clear.

The Takeaway

The current circumstances have made us even more attentive of the wellbeing of our body and mind and the ways to achieve it. The above-mentioned tips are the easiest ways to start living a healthier lifestyle. Over time, you will notice how your body has automatically wired itself to these new habits and your future self will thank you for it. So, follow these healthy habits to start 2021 on a healthy note and ensure you your reach your goals. 

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