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New Customer

Love the vanilla/grape super energy tea. Wanna try the orange but it doesnt seem to come in 16

Perfect peach

We really enjoy the peach & ginger tea, with its smooth and delicious flavor. It's a very soothing tea, especially when we want to relax and unwind. It is the perfect blend of flavors.


It does as it’s description of product

blueberry flavor not great

I have been loving my new Miracle tree teas...but in this line....I only really love the honey and vanilla....This one and the Lemon are definitely subpar in flavor.....Still can not decide what I think about the chocolate or the Mint. So many other good teas from Miracle Tree though.

Amazing Teas

Full of flavor and make my taste buds happy

Morning til Night it’s Perfect

I start my day enjoying Moringa superfood energy infusion tea love the orange & passion fruit. Throughout the day I enjoy the green tea, mango or chocolate. At night I settle down with lemon chamomile. Love them all!!!!!

Supercharged Tea

I really enjoy the cleaner caffeine boost and vibrant flavor and tomorrow for my 5th. cup I'm going to eliminate my cup of additional coffee altogether. I am confident I'll be placing additional orders.


I recommend Miracle Tree to everyone! I have been drinking the mint tea for almost 2 years and have seen amazing results! My stomach, skin, and energy has completely changed in a positive way! Love this tea and company!

I love the lemon flavor

This is my go flavor when I want a mild mellow warm cup of tea. I highly recommend this flavor.

Love these teas!

Wouldn’t go back to caffeine teas. Bought a case of the Mango tea. I really like the mint and lemon tea also.

Found this tea on accident. In Love

Found this on clearance at grocery store and fell in love with it...Ordered more..Great customer service when I had a question as well!

Thank you Misty, we're so glad that you're enjoying! :)

Good organic tea is born

I have bought mornings tea with mango flavor before in one of our local holistic store. When I went back they were not carrying it anymore and had another brand. I bought the other brand but was not happy with the taste, until I saw it advertised on FB? I ordered the mango flavor and vanilla and chamomile. Even though there was a snug in the chamomile flavor, customer service was awesome when I told them the problem. They immediately replaced it with an additional box of different flavors that I haven’t tasted before. That is what I call customer service who went beyond for customer satisfaction. I am now a forever customer of Miracle Tree and their organic different flavors.

Thank you Julieta, we were happy to assist you and wish you happy sips ahead!

Grape and vanilla

I must have my tea when I wake up . and as soon as I saw the flavor was grape vanilla I knew I had to try it. Can't wait for the sample to get here.

5 Stars!


Moringa Strawberry Tea

I love it and when I finish the cup of it, I make another cup only this time I use a Chocolate flavored tea bag.........DELISH!!

Love the mango flavored Moringa tea

I had only tried a Moringa tea alone b4 that I found on clearance somewhere, but decided on ordering 12 pieces of your product to save money bulk buying it. I usually like mango flavored other things & your product did NOT disappoint. It tasted as good as I expected & after I used it all up, I ordered more. I might even offer it to my exercise class members so that I can order it more often, but I am more of a customer service person than salesperson. So, we will see how that goes. I am going to offer sample packets though maybe as a Christmas gift or something to my class members & let them decide if they like it, I will offer to sell them some of my back stock. Because I love the health benefits of Moringa, but it is not an inexpensive tea. Your bulk pricing makes it most affordable for me to buy for myself & maybe share with others.

Moringa tea

It taste great. It helps when I feel sluggish in the middle of the day. It picks me back up. ❤️ Love it!!!!!

It definitely gives you a boost!

I was lucky enough to receive a free bag of Moringa Energy Tea in Cherry Camomile flavor from TreatSpot. It is a mild flavored tea with a big kick. I could definitely feel the effects of the caffeine. It could very easily replace coffee for those who drink it. The only criticism I have is that I would have loved to have gotten more of a cherry flavor from it. The chamomile overpowered it unfortunately. Over all a great tea though.

Not my cup of tea

It wasn't I just didn't like the taste of that tea

This is the good stuff

Love the benefits of morninga tea! I feel better when I drink it regularly. I cold brew a cup most nights to start my morning with it. I travel for work and carry it along with me a couple boxes at a time.

i love this tea

Love the pumpkin spice!

Sometimes I even use 2 tea bags for a stronger flavor. It can be mixed with frothy milk for even more flavorful fun.


Great product would love to try

Moringa Energy Tea, Ginger Lemon

Did the formulation change?

I’ve had several boxes of this chai, and for some reason this latest one tastes different. I don’t like it as much. I don’t know what changed, but I hope it changes back before my next box.


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Grown Organically

All of our moringa is organic certified by the Control Union (USDA NOP and EU Organic) and is harvested in pristine rainforest conditions in Sri Lanka. Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. We're proud of the fact that all of our products are certified organic and Non-GMO.

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Crafted Consciously

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Made Lovingly

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Selected Purposively

Every ingredient that goes into our product is selected with a purpose, with a special focus on quality and nutrition. Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.