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Moringa Tea

Truly appreciate the many benefits of Moringa. So glad I'm able to drink such quality tea from Miracle Tree!

A delicious Chocolate tea?!!

I was skeptical about chocolate tea. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. Now it is one of my favorites. Not sure how to describe it… it has a sort of a light coffee hint with chocolate. It’s very smooth and you almost forget you are drinking tea. I would definitely recommend trying it! I won’t be surprised if you end up loving it. People who have tried it in my home says things like, “It’s like drinking a dessert.”❤️

Miracle Tree Tea

I am definitely a fan of your product since 2021. Gives me energy and it's Mello. If I feel sluggish I just fix a cup of the best tea I ever had. I even started my coworkers drinking it now and they love ❤️ to as I do.

body builder

seems to help me with this knee problem from recluse spider bite.

It's been 4 years..

I found this tea 4 years ago and I've been obsessed. My brother first introduced it to me when he was looking for caffeine alternatives. I was skeptical because I love my morning coffee. I still do but there's nothing like this tea. It's such a subtle energy boost; there isn't a crash like regular coffee; it's tea so it's not staining your teeth like coffee; I don't get jittery like I would if I went overboard with coffee; and it's just amazing. I have only been able to find it at my hometown supermarket and I have recently moved so now, I'll be doing online shopping for it which is why after so long, I decided to review it since I'm here anyway :)

Honey Vanilla Flavor

absolutely love this flavor along with the blueberry. It has a subtle sweet flavor and I love it! Matches well with the lemon flavor too

Organic Moringa Tea, Green Tea

Moringa Tea by Miracle Tree

I stumbled upon The Original Moringa Tea by Miracle Tree when staying at a Bed & Breakfast. I was taken immediately by the great taste! I actually grow Moringa and know the amazing benefits for improved health. So, I ordered both The Original and a variety of Moringa Teas available and will order more!

My Favorite

I really love the mango for iced tea. All of the moringa tea is really good.

Game changer!

I purchased Miracle Tree Moringa original on a whim at a local store. I decided to do a cleanse and needed to cut down on my caffeine, so I replaced a cup of my yerba mate green tea with a cup of Moringa. Wow! I had energy and boosted moods immediately. Now I drink a cup every morning before anything else. I couldn't remember where I found it, so I ordered direct from Miracle Tree. The price was good and shipping was quick!

Love Miracle tree teas!!

First, what makes your tea even better than it is, is your customer service. You guys do such a great job with that. I also like that you give incentives and/or subscriptions to make it a little more affordable. I love my favorite flavors in your tea, like the chocolate, strawberry, honey vanilla, and mango. All your teas in general have such a great taste, and added bonus, sooo healthy for you. Being that I am from India, moringa leaves and it’s fruit is something we cook with, so I was well aware of it’s benefits before I found your teas. Also it is used in Ayurvedic medicines and is supposed to be a good detoxing and cleansing agent. So to have a decaf tea that is tasty and healthy is wonderful! Thank you!

Healthy Teas

The green & Moringa was too green for me. The moringa &honey and vanilla was very good.

Drink it daily

I cold brew my Moringa tea each night for a great start to the morning.


Moringa tea, Mango is wonderful!

Thank you. I like your tea. My family enjoys Miracle Tree.

Comfort in a cup

I found the mango morninga tea to be delightful. I like the fact that it is organic.



Comfort in a cup

The Moringa powder is a perfect addition to my morning smoothie. I also use the Moringa teas which are soothing and provide comfort when I’m craving a glass of wine

Love this tea

My order came in fast and in good shape. I usually do not like hot tea ……but this tea was smooth and delicious. I drank it hot and then tried it cold. I will definitely order again.

I love my Maringa and capsules. They have really helped me a lot and help with my blood sugar. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family.

Wonderful stuff

I won this and was not disappointed!! Tasted great and give wonderful energy with no crash

Blood sugar

This has really helped my blood sugar tremendously. I love this stuff I went to the doctor for my check up. My blood sugar was 300+ my a1c was 10 and Itwas very high for myself so I’ve been on Maringa for the last four weeks and my blood sugar is down to 98 for me. This is wonderful. I can’t wait to go back to the doctor so he can see the results. Thank you so much and I will continue to order because I love this . I have the powder I have the tea and now I have the capsule wonderful stuff. my niece came from Florida to visit me in Ohio last year and she introduced me to this. I wish I had continued to taken it. I wouldn’t have that high of a blood sugar but now I’m back on it and I will continue to take it forever .

Love them all

All of these teas are excellent

Love it

I don’t like tea in general but the watermelon tea I enjoy everyday My 16 year old son has joined the daily cup.

Taste is amazing! I love these teas!


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Grown Organically

All of our moringa is organic certified by the Control Union (USDA NOP and EU Organic) and is harvested in pristine rainforest conditions in Sri Lanka. Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. We're proud of the fact that all of our products are certified organic and Non-GMO.

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Crafted Consciously

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Made Lovingly

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Selected Purposively

Every ingredient that goes into our product is selected with a purpose, with a special focus on quality and nutrition. Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.