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Grown Organically

All of our moringa is organic certified by the Control Union (USDA NOP and EU Organic) and is harvested in pristine rainforest conditions in Sri Lanka. Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. We're proud of the fact that all of our products are certified organic and Non-GMO.

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Crafted Consciously

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Made Lovingly

Because our teas are not mass-grown, but are nurtured, cultivated and hand processed by tea artisans, it is possible for us to offer the finest grades of unique and special harvests that protect the body and pamper the senses. Love and passion for a great taste is essential for what we do.

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Selected Purposively

Every ingredient that goes into our product is selected with a purpose, with a special focus on quality and nutrition. Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.