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Our customers and their experience with our products are our #1 priority.  The one thing that makes the Miracle Tree team do a 'happy dance' is when our customers let us know that they enjoyed our products!  And so, we wanted to share a few reactions that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Top Rated Reviews from Our Customers

Apple & Cinnamon

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this Tea!" --  Sweetanita from Amazon

"This tea has a very pleasant, mild flavor. I feel good about the nutrients in the tea and that it is organic and caffeine free. I really like the tea and will be ordering it again. It is the first tea I reach for each morning and will add it to my list of gifts for family and friends." -- Barbara H from Amazon


"So far I’ve only tried the blueberry, but it’s absolutely delicious!! I can’t wait to try more flavors." -- RC from Amazon

"Love this flavor and have a cup every day. I fond it refreshing and healthy all at the same time." -- JayRae from Amazon


"I was originally in doubt about this chocolate tea, based on the iffy reviews and knowing that chocolate tea can have too watery a taste and not enough chocolate flavor. But after trying it, I absolutely love it!!!" -- Karyn S. from Amazon

"I have been trying to switch some of my coffee to tea and was having a hard time finding something I enjoyed in the evenings. I buy this in the chocolate which is a very subtle chocolate flavor but hits the spot for me." -- Grac4 from Amazon

Earl Grey

"Best tea we ever had! Whole family loves it. We've given away all of our other teas and this is our only tea" -- Cat from Amazon

"Goodness in a tea bag" -- Micky from Amazon

Honey & Vanilla

"This tea has a very pleasant, mild flavor. I feel good about the nutrients in the tea and that it is organic and caffeine free. I really like the tea and will be ordering it again. It is the first tea I reach for each morning and will add it to my list of gifts for family and friends." -- Barbara from Amazon


Lemon & Ginger

"This is a very delicious lemon ginger tea with just the right amount of lemon and ginger. Some ginger teas are too strong with the ginger. this one is just right. I drink it without any sweetener and it is very enjoyable. The tea is packaged in individual sealed
packets for freshness and it makes It easy to take some packets with you when on the go. Love this tea flavor" -- Meg from Amazon

"The ginger is smooth to the tongue, fresh to the taste and smells good too. I ran out of the first order and my husband asked fir more!" -- Pauline from Amazon

Lemon & Chamomile

"No caffeine, say good bye to coffee, energy drinks. This tea is truly a Miracle. I have so much energy I love it! Feel great no sluggish feeling ever. I love the flavor all by itself or add a little honey. Coffee drinker for over 50 years, and this is so much better. I still drink coffee on occasion because I like the flavor of coffee, but don't need it. I give five stars all around!" -- Milly from Amazon


"I try to keep a tea drinking regiment and I've purchased with the company before, so when I happened upon the mango flavored Moringa Tea I said, "I'll give it a try," and I am so glad I did. The mango flavor is perfectly pleasing and welcomed taste at anytime, but especially in the morning. What could be better than Moringa & Mango in the morning." -- ADH from Amazon


Peach & Ginger

"I got two boxes of the Moringa Peach Ginger tea. I swear it is one of the best tasting teas I have had over the 6+ decades of my life. I will certainly by more. Each bag is individually wrapped for freshness." - Gregory from Amazon
"Bought for my husband, he loves it and has a cup every day and also shared with friends who love it as well." - Glowe from Amazon

Pumpkin Spice

"I know a lot of people love the pumpkin spice, well I am not one of them but I figured I would give this tea flavor a try since it did sound interesting. I have never tried any of those pumpkin spice lattes or anything but I have to admit, this pumpkin spice tea is absolutely delicious! It has hints of cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg which combined with the pumpkin come together to a delicious concoction. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this. In addition this tea has some health benefits by providing some vitamins, Calcium and Iron, what more can one ask for?" -- Monas Z. from Amazon


"I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this tea. I really enjoyed it. It's nicely packaged and it came to me on time. I love the taste." -- Holly from Amazon

"I bought this tea because I heard it's healthy in antioxidants. It might be true or it might be placebo but I feel much more refreshed when I drink rooibos tea. It also has a very nice sturdy flavor that's not "sweet" even when I put sugar in it, like my usual favorite hibiscus, rose and other flowery teas." -- Leo from Amazon


"This tea has a great strawberry taste that is delicious. I like the fact that I'm giving my immune system something good while giving my taste buds a real treat. Drinking this tea in the evening helps me to sleep well during the entire night without breathing problems. I will definitely order more very soon." -- D. Cherry from Amazon

"This is a really lovely tea and gives a slight strawberry sweetness which masks the resolutely plant tasting moringa. Moringa benefits are myriad and all present in this tea. A nice lift in the morning!" -- Deborah from Amazon

Thank You from Team Miracle Tree

Wow, we're truly happy to see that our products are so well received!  This is just a glimpse of our fan favorites ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 star) reviews, and highlight a few customer reactions that made our day!  We are very grateful and thankful for your support!  It is an honor to help our customers achieve their wellness goals and delight them with super delicious moringa teas and powders, and we hope to do so for many years to come!

Thank you from all of us.

Team Miracle Tree

P.S. Try our gift box combos (vitality set, spirit set, and tranquility set) to help you start your moringa journey with multiple flavors per set!  This is a great product to help you discover your favorite flavor plus you get a beautiful display case to safely store and present your tea collection!

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