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What does it mean to be a Pantry Essential?  These are the teas that are customers stock up on the regular!  These are the must have teas that our customers need every month without interruption!  And, for your benefit, we've curated our flavors to help you discover our full Pantry Essential list!

Our Pantry Essential collection have a much higher subscription rate (so that our customers never run out) and are highly rated by our customers!  But, we think (more importantly) that this collection resonates with our customers' wellness priorities when it comes to finding an organic certified superfood tea packed with nutrients including antioxidants and amino acids.



"My best friend gave me a sample of this tea to try and it was amazing! It’s delicious! I ordered a package right away and I will continue to keep on hand and drink daily." -- Brienna H. from Amazon

"... the tea is very smooth and light. Has a nice flavor and it actually made me feel more energetic after just a few cups. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and the service. May you continue to provide good service. Thank you!" -- Julie from Amazon

Green Tea

"This is a refreshing tea that not only tastes good it is good for you. I not only feel refreshed, but I also feel energized when I drink this tea. I have tried a lot of teas. This one is becoming one of my favorites." -- Antonia J. from Amazon

"Dried moringa leaves with green tea leaves. Great taste! I even like it without adding any sugar. Color is more of a golden deep yellow. I recommend, and would purchase again." -- Irma A. from Amazon


"If you haven't tried Moringa tea, you must give it a try. Just read about this superfood and you will be convinced to try it. It has a great flavor and I love the ginger that Miracle Tree adds to this tea. It is perfect for me and always healthy to add to my nutrition. Thank you Miracle Tree."  -- Skittle from Amazon

"I have always loved the flavor of ginger but I had never found a brand of ginger tea that I really liked until I started buying the "Organic Moringa Superfood Tea packed with 25 Individually Sealed Tea Bags, Ginger." The ginger is not too intense or two blah, it is just right for my tastes. I love the fact that the teabags are individually wrapped for freshness and "transportability"."  -- Jeih from Amazon


"We drink this every day as either hot tea or ice tea. Great product. I make ice tea with it, a little stevia and lemon. I also mix it with hibiscus tea and sip it throughout the afternoon. It tastes good and gives me energy." -- Kathleen from Amazon

"Love this tea! I drink it every morning and it gives a good couple hours of energy before I have my coffee. The flavor is mild and enjoyable. I like the ginger, lemon and turmeric flavors."  -- K Mahar from Amazon


"Love this stuff! I like to drink it as an iced tea. It's like an energy drink without the jitters. Shipped fast too! Would highly recommend!" -- Elizabeth from Amazon

"This is my new favorite tea. The flavor is akin to a smooth chocolate mint, and I feel the restorative properties of the moringa! Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful product!" -- ECA from Amazon


"This is one of my favorite morning teas. Many times, I mix it with peppermint for a two in one delight. It’s so refreshing and light. I love this tea! Try it you won’t be disappointed! The tea bags are individually wrapped which add to the freshness!" -- Lori from Amazon

"My favorite turmeric tea - Almost complex flavor but not overwhelming. Mildly savory and so good with a teaspoon of honey." -- Brittney from Amazon

Remember to Subscribe and Save!

Never run out of your favorite moringa teas! We make it easy on our website to help our customers automatically order all of our Pantry Essentials.  Enjoy added convenience and savings with our Subscribe & Save program. Pro tip: buy our case packs to unlock even more savings.  Best of all, subscription orders also enjoy our best in class order perks, including getting your order fast and enjoy free shipping on orders $29 and up.  Best of all, we offer flexibility and easy management options.  Pick the frequency and we'll do the rest. You'll only be charged when we're about to ship out the order! We'll send you a notification e-mail before your subscription is about to renew so you'll never be out of the loop.  Learn more about the subscription program here.

Thank you from all of us.

Team Miracle Tree

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