Miracle Tree's Blog - Moringa Potential Benefits for Eye Health and Blurry Vision

Meet moringa for eye health, a nutrient-dense superfood loaded with vital nutrients and powerful antioxidants that may help with blurry vision and other eye-related concerns

Moringa oleifera, a nutrient-dense leafy green, has been regarded as a superfood in Ayurveda for centuries. Rich in antioxidants, this organic super green is bursting with nutrients and even a little bit can supercharge your day and revamp your health. There are various studies that support the benefits of moringa for eye health and blurry vision. Scroll ahead to know why you should add this leafy green to your diet.

What is moringa?

The moringa plant is native to South Asia and has been extensively used for its medicinal properties and massive health benefits. It is a whole food naturally abundant in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Virtually every part of the moringa plant, its pods, seeds and leaves are edible and packed with nutrition. A small serving of this nutrient-rich superfood contains seven times more vitamin C than an orange, seventeen times more calcium than milk, nine times more protein than yogurt and twenty-five times more iron than spinach. It is a nutritional powerhouse that may help with blurry vision and other eye-related concerns.

What are the benefits of moringa for eye health?

Moringa for eye health and blurry vision contains eyesight-improving properties, thanks to its high antioxidant levels. Some of the incredible benefits of moringa for eye health and treating blurry vision include:

May prevent cataract development

Moringa is rich in Beta-carotene (Vitamin A), Zeaxanthin and Lutein, all of which have been studied and recommended for their eye protective benefits. Research has also found that eating a carotenoid-rich diet, including beta carotene, supports eye health and prevents eye diseases. A study published in 2010 showed how flavonoids in moringa may help prevent and stop the development of cataracts. The study recognizes the unique and powerful antioxidants present in moringa that may stop cataracts in its tracks.

May help blurry vision

The benefits of moringa for eye health include its ability to protect eyesight. This is due to the abundance of vitamins and antioxidants present in the superfood. It contains a powerful antioxidant called beta-carotene. Beta carotene is a provitamin A carotenoid, or a nutrient that the body readily converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A and beta-carotene help with eye health by keeping the surface of the eye, or the cornea, moist and healthy. Deficiencies of vitamin A may lead to dry eyes. This can in turn lead to corneal ulcers, clouding of the front of the eye and even vision loss. Beta-carotene is also known to help enhance night and peripheral vision. Since the best way to get beta-carotene into your body, so it can be absorbed and turned into the provitamin A, is to consume a nutritious diet, moringa for eye health may be an excellent choice to avail the benefits of this powerful antioxidant.

May improve overall eye health

Moringa powder is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, potent antioxidants that are found in your eyes, especially the lens, retina and macula. These play a key role in maintaining a healthy vision by protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Studies also suggest that a high level of both is linked with better vision, particularly in dim light and where glare is a problem. Diets rich in these two powerful antioxidants may help prevent age-related eye disease. One study also found that those who consumed foods rich in zeaxanthin may be half as likely to get cataracts.

The benefits of moringa for eye health include the abundance of these potent antioxidants present in this nutrient-dense food. It contains about 36 mg of lutein and 5.5 mg of zeaxanthin per 100 g and the recommended amount for both, to maintain good eye health, is 10 mg/day for lutein and 2 mg/day for zeaxanthin. These incredible benefits of moringa for eye health may also prevent blurry vision.

Miracle Tree® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  While there is promising research currently evaluating moringa and other similar products, we rather focus on their nutritional qualities.  

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