Miracle Tree's Blog - How to Stick to a Diet in the New Year, Backed by Research

Are you wondering how to stick to a diet in the New Year? Here are some evidence-based tips and tricks that will help you stay on the right track.

The New Year is just around the corner! This is an excellent time to start making positive changes in your lifestyle. Do you want to start 2023 on the right foot by switching to a healthier diet but are afraid of failure? While making New Year fitness resolutions is easy, it can be challenging to stick to them. Did you know that over 26% of people admit to quitting their diets before getting the desired results? This is because people frequently dive in too quickly.

Are you wondering how to stick to a diet in the New Year and avoid slip-ups? We have some research-backed tips to help you understand how to stick to a diet in 2023!

Set realistic goals

If you want to learn how to stick to a diet, you need to set realistic goals. You are setting yourself up for failure by making impulsive decisions like eliminating all carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. Furthermore, it is also important to be specific to avoid being disappointed with the results. The best way to stick to a diet is to make a clear roadmap in your head. You can begin by asking yourself what foods you want to add to your diet. What are your nutritional requirements? What kind of foods do you need to eliminate?

Surround yourself with healthy foods

Another valuable tip to stick to a diet is to surround yourself with healthy foods. We are aware that the flavors of highly processed foods are tempting. But did you know that even being around these foods can have a negative impact on behavior and brain chemistry? So this New Year, we recommend a complete overhaul of your pantry. A wise strategy to maintain your healthy diet and motivate yourself to eat those nutrient-dense foods more consistently is to keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy, whole foods.

Stop counting calories

While a calorie counter app can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your eating habits, it is not a replacement for a healthy, balanced and mindful diet. Calorie counting is not sustainable since no one can maintain it forever. In the long run, it probably causes more harm than good. When people finally give up, they often perceive themselves as failures or get so discouraged that they completely give up on their diet. Make sure your meals are balanced with the right amount of carbs, protein and healthy fats rather than focusing on calories.

Stay away from crash diets

Do you want to know how to stick to a diet and avoid food cravings? Stay away from crash diets! Crash diets often rely on severe calorie restriction to achieve rapid weight loss. The results of crash diets, however, typically don't last in the long term. Most people eventually gain back the weight they lost. Since they are so restrictive, they also don’t provide adequate nutrition to your body. So, to maintain a nutritious diet, try to fight the impulse to place too much emphasis on losing weight. What is the alternative? The Mediterranean diet, which prioritizes whole foods, is an excellent option if you want to improve your health in the long run.

We hope these tips on how to stick to a diet help you in the New Year. And don't get discouraged if you slip up or make mistakes—it happens to all of us!

Miracle Tree® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  While there is promising research currently evaluating moringa and other similar products, we rather focus on their nutritional qualities.  

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