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Nothing gets us more excited than announcing new moringa tea blends and flavors.. and this year, we have two awesome flavors - Watermelon and Hibiscus.  We carefully developed these flavors specifically to create a delicious and refreshing beverage which tastes great brewed hot or cold.

These blends also make the perfect companion during the hotter Summer months. Summer is here and that means we're going to be enjoying our superfood moringa tea blends on ice!  Iced teas are the perfect way to cool down and sip away - and when they're moringa iced teas, you get to enjoy the extra moringa goodness with every sip!

Watermelon MoringaEnjoy hydrating flavors of watermelon and nutritious dried Moringa leaf to create a deliciously balanced herbal infusion - light and naturally sweet, with a hint of tang that makes it even more refreshing.

Watermelon Moringa Tea

Hibiscus MoringaEnjoy this fragrant blend of organic hibiscus petals and superfood Moringa to create a refreshing and slightly floral cup of deliciousness.

Hibiscus Moringa Tea

Iced Teas

Our Moringa Hibiscus Herbal Tea is delicately blended to create a refreshing and slightly floral cup of deliciousness. We've added a touch of organic Hibiscus petals to compliment the natural Moringa tea. Try it hot or iced, with or without milk and sugar. It's simply delightful any way you enjoy it!

Looking for the perfect iced tea? Say hello to the world’s most powerful superfood and enjoy our two latest moringa blends. Miracle Tree’s Hibiscus Moringa Tea and Watermelon Moringa Tea are naturally sweet, tasty way to kickstart your day with all the nutrients needed for peak performance!

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