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Does Miracle Tree Use Plastics in its Tea Bags?

A recent study and many news articles have highlighted how tea bags (specifically, nylon pyramid tea bags) may "shed micro- and nano-sized particles into your brewed beverage".  What about Miracle Tree?  We're happy to say that NONE of our tea bags contain plastics, in any form.  Instead, we use either paper (for our single chamber dip tea bags) or biodegradable corn starch (for our pyramid tea bags) which are completely free of plastics and other harmful chemicals.

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So, what materials do we use?

For our herbal tea products (which are presented in a 25 count single chamber tea bag),  we use only virgin pulps for the manufacturing of all our heat and non-heat seal tea filter papers products. More specifically, we use the following types of virgin fibers:

  • Special hemp fibers
  • Softwood fibers
  • Hardwood fibers

    In other words, our tea bags are made from 100% wood cellulose fibers, which is essentially paper.   When our tea bags are made, they’re folded by our machines and threaded with the string—so we don’t use any glue either.

    For our pyramid tea products (which are presented in a 16-count pyramid tea bag), we use a biodegradable corn starch woven tea bag. The corn starch woven bag is made from the fermentation of sugar milled from corn. In addition, our tea pouches are made with good manufacturing practices and comply with all applicable food safety regulations.

    All of our products, including packaging, is in compliance with our organic standards. For Miracle Tree, product safety is of the utmost priority, and as a result, we have ensured that our factory is GMP, ISO, HACCP, export approved, and organic certified. Using the safest and best tea bag materials is of the utmost importance.

    What are we doing to improve our environmental impact?

    At Miracle Tree, we constantly strive to improve our impact on our environment.  That's why we're so proud to have been involved in the planting of thousands upon thousands of Moringa trees! While we strive to be the best we can be, there's always room for improvement!  One way is to introduce our teas in loose leaf format which is something we're looking to achieve.  Another way is to improve the efficiency (size/space) and materials of our outer packaging options (i.e. the packaging that does not come into contact with our tea/powders).  We will make sure include our consumers in our journey to help create a better impact as we continue to strive to be a brand completely focused on our mission of providing the best quality herbal teas in the market.

    Thank you for reading!


    With sincere thanks,


    Kunal Mirchandani

    Founder, Miracle Tree

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