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Excelente para la presión

Mi mamá toma este té y yo también ella lo toma todas las noches para a nivelar su presión y yo cuando tengo dolor de cabeza en dos sorbetes mi dolor de cabeza desaparéese me encanta!!!

Mornings Mango and Also Lemon

These two teas are my all time favorites. I order extra so I can share their flavor with friends. Everyone who tries them, loves them.

Original moringa

Best moringa tea ever.

Herbal Moringa Tea Starter Set, 6 Boxes
Yenarlisa maria Marte de los santos

The truth is I loved it and the packaging was a success, thank you very much

Good flavor

After some on line research I decided to give it a try.. I have only been using it daily for a couple of weeks and according to my research i may not see results that quick. So I am still hopeful that issues such a pain relief are in the future.

Lo mejorrrrr!!!

¡Increíble descubrimiento! Este paquete de té de moringa orgánica es una delicia. Con sabores como mango, hibisco, melocotón jengibre y limón con manzanilla, cada sorbo es una experiencia sensorial única. Además, el hecho de que sea orgánico y libre de OMG me da tranquilidad. ¡Definitivamente lo recomiendo como una forma deliciosa y saludable de disfrutar de los beneficios de la moringa!

Love these products

I have not tried all the flavors, only the Strawberry one, the smell of the packaging is very good and not to mention the flavor, I loved it, I would try it again and again without stopping

Herbal Moringa Tea Starter Set, 6 Boxes
Antonia Rodriguez (D01-421635)
Una maravilla

Una maravilla lo ame excelente lo recomiendo a ojo cerrado

I loved the products

It has a good flavor, I recommend it in addition to all the benefits it provides.

Herbal Moringa Tea Starter Set, 6 Boxes

Organic Mango Moringa tea. A hint of the tropics!

Mango Moringa tea is another one of my favorite teas from this brand! I love it hot or cold-as iced tea! Its amazing. It has a the perfect flavor of mango, without being too overpowering or fruity. You can dream of the tropics as you gaze out the window and enjoy your tea! Its a treat. One of my friends whom I shared this tea with said, it’s like having a dessert in a cup. I would definitely recommend this tea.

Miracle plant

Growing up we use the moringa leaves as partnof our homemade soup. Knowing it has a lot of health benefits I am happy to try it as a tea and with different flavors. Enjoying both my favorite tea and moringa in one cup.

I never received this product

Daily Refreshment

Have been drinking Moringa tea for 5+ years still enjoy every cup. Strawberry and Mango are my favorite.

Honey Vanilla Tea

Honey Vanilla is my favorite flavor tea! It is amazingly yummy. It has a semi-mild honey and vanilla flavor and it just hits the spot every time. I don’t leave the house without it. What’s better is that it is soo easy to work with this company. Always great customer service.

Gift miracle tree

Hola, realmente aprecio la forma en que reciben a los afiliados, y el té es realmente bueno y efectivo. He estado usando Miracle Tree Life durante 2 semanas. Muchos cambios en mí. Me mantendré al día con usted para que más personas sepan sobre Miracle. árbol.

Chocalate tea

It's just a hint of chocolate not to sweet. My friends and I love it.

Have not tried it

An absolute favorite!

The lemon & ginger is definitely a favorite in our house! The lemon lifts & the ginger gives it a slight spice, so good! The earthiness of the moringa makes it a rounded & perfect tea for any time.

Great tea, long time customer

I got introduced to Moringa tea by my family. It is a great tea and I have been drinking it for 3 years. The original Moringa tea and the green tea Moringa tea are my favorites. I recommend trying this tea for yourself and see how it works for you

Great taste

I’ve purchased several different types of tea, it’s always great. Perfect blend, smooth flavor and taste great.

Miracle Tree Tea

Great tea I can get all my vitamins,and minerals very 👍 good for my overall health. I even have my co-workers drinking it now. They love it as well. Thanks again

Wonderful Teas

I love all my teas. Each has an amazing aroma and flavor. I drink tea all day during these cooler months.

I Love Moringa Tea's

The Chai Tea is delicious with superfood energy. This Tea will also always be in my Tea Cabinet. Try it, it will not disappoint.

I Love Moringa Tea's

I totally love Moringa Tea's. The Mango is so very delicious, it will always be in my tea cabinet. Try it you will be hooked.


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Grown Organically

All of our moringa is organic certified by the Control Union (USDA NOP and EU Organic) and is harvested in pristine rainforest conditions in Sri Lanka. Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. We're proud of the fact that all of our products are certified organic and Non-GMO.

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Crafted Consciously

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Made Lovingly

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Selected Purposively

Every ingredient that goes into our product is selected with a purpose, with a special focus on quality and nutrition. Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.