We’re on a mission to spread the miracle of Moringa and our other superfoods globally – join us!

Miracle Tree's mission is to inspire healthier choices for our consumers by promoting exceptional superfoods.

At Miracle Tree, we're proud to be a proponent of healthy lifestyles, eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing, and fair & ethical treatment of all of our workers! Defining our vision is essential to our mission's success.  Our vision is to redefine teas and healthy beverages - improving the lives and well-being of our consumers, our employees, our communities, and our environment.  How do we achieve this?


Key Beliefs Matter and Define Us As a Brand

We believe in Living Well.

Every decision made in our company begins with a simple question – is this in the best interests of our consumer? Our number one priority is to inspire our consumers to discover the wonders of the Miracle Tree – and enjoy the nutritious benefits of Moringa and other superfoods

We look to inspire our consumers and engage with them to create amazing recipes and flavors so that we can achieve a healthy, fairly-priced, nutritious - yet delicious product line!

Apple Cinnamon Moringa Tea
blueberry tea

We believe in Treating People Fairly.

We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). This model ensures a positive impact on the workers' social well-being and communities. Trust and respect is a crucial ingredient to our success and our underlying sourcing model helps achieve a sustainable economic growth, and better nutrition security and education access for the local communities where we operate.

Our moringa and superfoods are bought at the source. These direct relationships allow us to produce the highest quality herbal products that offer an unmatched level of freshness and taste. Being at origin to maintain these relationships is our way of ensuring the quality and authenticity of our teas and herbs from the heart of the rainforests in Sri Lanka and beyond.  See more our entire herbal tea range here.

We believe in Treading Lightly.

We make the right choices for the environment! We work and champion organic and sustainable tea processing and cut energy/shrink waste. Furthermore, our Moringa demand has led to thousands of moringa plants being planted and grown.  This activity directly helps absorb Carbon Dioxide from our atmosphere!

In addition, our herbal powders make it super-easy to incorporate shelf-stable leafy green veggies (loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients) into your favorite recipes.  Be inspired and start cooking at home today!

Lemon Moringa Tea


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