Miracle Tree's Blog - Why Sri Lanka Is Our Source of Moringa

A good source ensures good produce. Read on to explore why we get our moringa from this small island in the Asiatic continent.

Moringa oleifera, a plant native to India, often called ‘drumstick’ or ‘miracle tree’, is now cultivated globally due to its numerous beneficial properties. The family of the moringa plant includes 13 species, which are distributed in the sub-Himalayan ranges of India, Sri Lanka, North Eastern and South Western Africa, Madagascar and Arabia. One of the best-known types of moringa is widely found in the southernmost region of the Asiatic continent, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Palk Strait. The distinctive civilization of Sri Lanka—with roots that can be traced back to the 6th century BCE—is characterized by rich flora and fauna. The proximity of this region to India has facilitated distinctive similarities between the two countries in terms of culture. Agriculture is one of the primary sectors of Sri Lanka, and it has a sophisticated irrigation system in the drier parts of the country. 

As a pliable plant, moringa can adjust to a variety of climatic conditions. However, it is grown mainly in semi-arid tropical and subtropical areas. Temperatures between 25 and 35°C (77 to 95°F) are ideal for optimum growth. Altitudes below 600 m (1,970') are most favorable. The regosols (sandy soils) of the coastal tracts are an important soil type in Sri Lanka. This type of sandy soil is ideal for the moringa tree. All these conditions make this region an ideal location to be the source of moringa powder and its associated forms. Drawing from this, Sri Lanka is known as one of the finest sources of moringa in the world, which is why we chose it as the base to every moringa extraction that we use in our products. 

Moringa and its associated benefits are not as new to Sri Lanka as the rest of the world. While the West has come to learn of this miracle tree only in the recent past, Sri Lanka has utilized its benefits since ancient times. It is our source of moringa powder—not only because of its physical conditions, but also due to the region's sheer understanding of the benefits of this plant. Referred to as ‘drumsticks’ in the popular parlance, moringa is a staple in Sri Lankan households and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The moringa pods are used as a vegetable that can be cooked into delicious curries whereas its leaves are used both as a ‘mallum’ and an essential ingredient in cooking crab and prawn curries. The moringa bark is used in many concoctions of indigenous medicines as well. Moringa is one of the most useful varieties of trees grown widely and extensively in the relatively drier regions of Sri Lanka. The source of the moringa powder has to be one that fulfills all of the conditions for its proper growth and allows the plant to thrive. If the plant grows well, it ensures that the product is of the best quality. Given its ideal climatic condition as well as sophisticated channels of agriculture, Sri Lanka ensures that it produces the best quality moringa trees. This is precisely why we chose Sri Lanka to be the source of the Miracle Tree moringa powder. Moringa is one of the most diverse, unique and precious trees to grow, as it has a positive influence on everything from our mind to our physical health.

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