Moringa is a superfood with many benefits, including nutrition and improved oral health.  Incorporate moringa powder into your routine to live a healthier life.
Four Important Minerals for the body: With mineral deficiencies increasing each year around the world, adding moringa to your diet can provide four of the key minerals needed for your body.
A quick comparison between Matcha and Moringa. A look at the nutritional value, flavor profiles, versatility, and utility of Matcha and Moringa.
Women, It’s Time to Sip your Health - Use the benefits of tea to improve your mind and body - It is important to sit back and take a few minutes to “me time” every single day. While doing so, sip a warm cup of tea for a healthy mind and body.

Learn more about moringa, a core ingredient for our products offered on our website.  Moringa is a nutritionally exceptional superfood and we explore the different properties and nutrients that the plant contains.

Moringa is the new kale - we tell you why moringa replaces kale as a top superfood. While kale and moringa may seem to have similar health and wellness benefits, moringa packs a higher dose of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins.

Benefits to a vegan diet - there are numerous benefits to a vegan diet including reduced water consumption, a healthier lifestyle and more sustainable way of life.

With its high amounts of nutrients, moringa is a healthier energy substitute to both coffee and sugary energy drinks. Rid yourself of coffee and caffeinated products and have more energy throughout the day

COVID-19 created an unprecedented challenge for our communities and everyone in our lives has been impacted.  Our daily lives have changed so much, so quickly, and we find ourselves seeking for ways to be safer, healthier and more connected. We cover a few practices we are implementing and easy tips you can implement in these tough times.
At Miracle Tree, we take special care with our ingredient and packaging choice.  Our customers' health and wellbeing is our #1 priority and we're proud to say that none of our tea bags contain any form of plastic whatsoever. Learn about the materials we use and actions we take to improve our environment.

Moringa, also known as the ‘tree of life’ and the ‘miracle tree,” due to its numerous benefits and nutrients, and it can be consumed and used in many forms.

A an easy guide to learning about what makes our foods organic and the benefits of eating organic foods, and what to look for in organic foods.

Discover a new path to wellness and a healthier lifestyle. Feel more energized, motivated and discover new heights in happiness.

A healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins is essential for keeping our immune system strong. Antioxidants can help to increase our white blood cell count, which is important as they are critical for fighting off infections.