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Moringa is an adaptogen, contains ethanolic extract and tryptophan, all of which may be beneficial for people with anxiety.
If you feel sluggish and tired all the time, try eating a balanced diet, incorporating moringa into your day, exercising, limiting sugar and lowering stress levels to boost energy.
Moringa is full of powerful antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C, chlorogenic acid, quercetin and vitamin E. The health benefits of antioxidants are endless, so adding moringa into your diet is an easy way to reap their benefits.
Most packaged pre workouts are unhealthy and full of chemicals. Instead, chose a natural pre workout like yogurt, moringa, sweet potatoes, bananas and oatmeal, all of which promise to give you energy before a tough workout.
Eating a high fiber diet delivers a slew of health benefits. A high fiber diet protects against heart disease, improves gut health, helps to prevent gastrointestinal disorders, lowers cholesterol levels and balances blood sugar. Pears, apples, lentils, moringa powder and chickpeas are all good sources of fiber and should be added to your diet.
Moringa may be one of the best herbs to increase milk supply for a nursing mom. With its high calcium, vitamin K and iron content, moringa may help to nourish the baby and increase the milk supply for mothers.
Anti-inflammatory foods not only combat inflammation, but also reduce risk of diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. Here’s the only anti-inflammatory food list you need.
Moringa is packed with vitamins and minerals—like vitamins A, E, B1, B3, C and folate among others—and has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It’s a superfood that is credited with improving heart and overall organ health.
If you suffer from summer allergies, you are probably being treated with OTC medications. But what if there was a natural and non-harmful alternative? Enter: Moringa for allergies.
Looking for the perfect iced tea? Say hello to the world’s most powerful superfood and enjoy our two latest moringa blends. Miracle Tree’s Hibiscus Moringa Tea and Watermelon Moringa Tea are naturally sweet, tasty way to kickstart your day with all the nutrients needed for peak performance!

Moringa is a complete plant protein that is packed with antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and other essential nutrients. These components make it one of the most healthy and nutrient-rich foods. 

Moringa’s skin benefits are endless—it adds moisture to the skin, helps clear acne, slows down signs of aging and has healing properties.

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Foods like eggs, quinoa and legumes are high in amino acids—the building blocks of your body—but moringa powder may be one of the highest and easiest sources of amino acids.
The one thing that makes the Miracle Tree team do a 'happy dance' is when our customers let us know that they enjoyed our products!  In this article, we share a few of our favorite reviews!
Moringa, ashwagandha and rosemary are three herbs that may help support mental clarity.

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Grown Organically

All of our moringa is organic certified by the Control Union (USDA NOP and EU Organic) and is harvested in pristine rainforest conditions in Sri Lanka. Organic has more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want. We're proud of the fact that all of our products are certified organic and Non-GMO.

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Crafted Consciously

All of our products are manufactured with our environment and our local communities in mind. We work with ethical manufacturers on a 'bought-leaf' basis with independent farmers from Sri Lanka (where 70% of the purchase goes directly to the independent farmer). A positive impact is vital to our mission.

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Made Lovingly

Because our teas are not mass-grown, but are nurtured, cultivated and hand processed by tea artisans, it is possible for us to offer the finest grades of unique and special harvests that protect the body and pamper the senses. Love and passion for a great taste is essential for what we do.

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Selected Purposively

Every ingredient that goes into our product is selected with a purpose, with a special focus on quality and nutrition. Nothing goes into our products without our knowledge. Our direct relationships with our farmers and supply chain give us unparalleled insight and control over our ingredient profile.